Your leading partner in
interface management,
data management & processing

We are ...

  • working within fair long term partnerships.

  • delivering real added value in up-to-date and top modern environment.

  • reinvesting to keep market leadership.

  • flexible thanks to structured and well organised platform to allow fast and precise action and reaction.

  • looking into a long term marketing strategy and real market targeted communication strategy. UIM will be established as well-known and reputed company in the market and will raise the awareness of all players.


UIM is certified by TÜV following DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 - ID 9105059296 and ISO/IEC 27001:2013

How we work

  • All our services, support, recommendations and standards are developed in common and team consultation with our customers, the industry and our experts. These include industry, organizations, academics and other members of interest in the area.

  • All current products are based on many years of experience and mainly the given cooperation with the industry and the customers. This led to the services as its best.

  • We always use the best available market benchmark in all our work.

  • Everything we do is underpinned by the need for:

    • transparency

    • collaboration

    • involvement of stakeholders

  • The board and senior management team set our strategic direction and oversee delivery.