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interface management,
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About us

UIM - Your Partner

UIM is the partner for global companies to bundle synergies, deliver services for all interfaces and where centralised transparency is giving the customers the possibility to increase its quality.

Our Mission

UIM is an IT service provider in a special niche market – different standards are synchronized and matched and enable one homogenate platform on latest technology. "Central processes, financial supply chain" with standard processes and interface management, set-up extremely flexible and as very pro-active service provider.


The UIM team members are all dedicated experts in the area they would answer you. Several years of practical experiences as well as theoretical background are vital, essential and pro-actively delivered to you.

Up-to-date know-how is guaranteed and ensured with ongoing training which includes:

  • IT

  • Marketing

  • Reporting

  • Strategies

  • Data handling

  • Market analysis and research

  • Security